Lack of tech skills and time.
Contents have priority over appearance.
But it will be continously improved for its significance.

Knowing nothing about Markdown, git, Ruby, html, etc has been making the learning curve very steep when teaching my self Computer Science to improve this website.
Trying to solve a simple problem or use a simple tool would take very long time through trial and error.
So I’ve decided to take it slow, gaining knowledge and understanding when learning direct and indirect subjects.
When it comes to me that I am able to improve the website a little bit, I’ll do it.

With ideas/designs couldn’t be technically realized in short, priority is put on the contents of the website.

Why do I choose to use this platform while it is so ugly for now?
One reason is that it provides motivation and practice opportunities to study technical stuff.
More importantly, it might be the best option to have a blog to write freely while Mainland China have access to. Not gonna talk much about it. Just an example, you might not be able to post a diary on a third party platform when it contains your friend Travis’ name. Why? Because the name Travis contains “av”, which is adult content.

Reference: 为什么这个网站看起来这么烂